Factors to Consider in Buying Pocket Knife

When it comes to pocket knives, you actually have a lot to choose from sizes, shapes, and types—pocket knife god has it all for you. Here are some factors that you should always consider when it comes to choosing the pocket knife that you should buy.

Types of blades

Clip Point

A clip point pocket knife is ideal if you are planning to use the tool in regular basis. Just make sure that you take care of it properly because the tip of the blade can be quite fragile and if you are going to use it in an excessive force, you might cause the knife to break.

Drop Point

This type of blade has curve in both sides, the sharp and the flat one. If you are going to use the knife in your next hunting expedition, you should consider choosing this one.

Needle Point

The small sharp point at the edge of the blade is what makes it the needle point. However, the number of tasks that could be done with this blade is limited. This is only great for collectors who wanted to own a unique and rare pocket knife.

Size of the blade

When it comes to the size of the blade, it would really depend on the user on which he prefers the most. The medium-sized blades are about 3-4 inches only. It can help you in heavy work and it can even passed the local laws determining the size of a recommended pocket knife.

Number of blades

Again, this will depend on you. You can choose a single-bladed pocket knife or multiple bladed pocket knife. You should make sure that you choose a pocket knife according to your purpose. A single-bladed pocket knife is durable and can be an all-purpose pocket knife. On the other hand, multiple-bladed pocket knife can help you to execute different tasks on hand but it cannot assure you its durability thus you have to be careful in using it. The most important thing is that you choose a knife that can be very useful to your regular routine.

The aforementioned factors are to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the best pocket knife for you. This will lead you to the perfect knife that will suit your needs the most. Check out today’s hottest pocket knives on sale at pocket knife gods so that you’ll have an idea on what you should choose.


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